Wednesday, May 20, 2009

さんかんび!!! Parent's Visiting Day!!!

Last week was Sakura’s first parent’s visiting day for grade 3!!

Every year the parents can go to the school and watch a class as the teacher is teaching. This years class was art!!!! YAY!!! I don’t think I can sit through another hour long class of elementary school level math all in Japanese.

Sakura’s school is huge!! More than 1000 students with five grade 3 classes this year. Grade 1 has 6 classes and grade 2 is the biggest group with 8 classes!!!

So…I finished work for the day, went home to pick up my name tag and slippers and off I went!!

Sakura had a female teacher in grade 1, Iwatani Sensei, until the teacher had a nervous breakdown mid-year and was replaced with a 26 year old “boy”. Grade 2 was followed by a due to retire any time now male teacher, Nagamatsu Sensei. She REALLY wanted a female teacher this year and with 4 out of five teachers being female we thought she has a good chance!! We thought wrong…. everyone please meet SUGIMOTO SENSEI!!!! (a bit of a class clown)

The following pictures are during her art class...

....and at the end when the kids are packing up....

And finally here is Sakura with her friends Rin....

....and best friend Misaki!!

Until next time....さよなら!!(Goodbye)

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