Sunday, June 7, 2009


The tickets are bought, vacation time is booked and passports are ready!!!!
We are flying to Vancouver for the whole month of August!!!!

I am always the first to say that I love Japan and this is our "home", but after four years of being land-locked, I need a vacation where I can fly over some water.

And that vacation is coming in 50 short days!!! YAY!!!!

So...Sakura and I have confirmed our tickets. Normally I would fly Air Canada but since they don't fly direct from Kansai anymore (grrr), that would mean connecting through Narita. Well, putting off buying the tickets for a few weeks until my mom got back from Hawaii ensured that all Air Canada flights were full. And since price is the most important thing for my wallet the next option was China Eastern Airlines with a connection in Shanghai. A couple extra hours, a few hundred dollars less and a wonderful mommy with a credit card and it's off to China we go!!!

So the next few weeks will be busy...working, getting my re-entry permit (gotta figure out where that new immigration office is!!), un-packing Sakura's suitcase, making sure all the bills are paid for the month we are not here, un-packing Sakura's suitcase again (because she is that excited and trying to pack everything she owns!!), cleaning house because who wants to come home from vacation to a messy house and finally packing for real!!!!

And one of the best things about the vacation....I won't be here for 1/2 of Osaka's hot and sticky summer!!!

50 days...the countdown begins!!!!


  1. Yay, actually booking a trip and counting down is great eh! I'm planning a trip home in september and can't wait!
    The new immigration office is really easy to find, there's not much else around cosmo square station! If you need directions let me know!

  2. See...I didn't even know it was at Cosmo Square station!! It's a good thing you left that comment!! Thanks a lot!!

  3. haha, no worries, I even had a link to the map in my favourites!

  4. Awesome!!
    Thanks for the map!! I'm gonna go do it on Friday!!